Nullsoft Winamp TV - NSVcap Guide

by SukB


Ok this tutorial is for setting up your own webcam or digital cam as a Winamp TV Internet station. It does NOT cover how to

broadcast video files. I will also presume you have a shoutcast server and the Nullsoft NSVTools Installed. Got it? Good, lets begin...

Run your shoutcast server and click EDIT CONFIG. Still with me? Amazing...


You will see this box, dont worry, your machines not gonna reboot. Read it, its easy to understand.


First change your shoutcast password and remember what the hell you typed in there.

Also set your MaxUser count. For cable or DSL 4-6 max if you want a GOOD stream. Then click file>save and close the window. Were done here.Easy.

Open NSVcap Usually found after install of NSVTools /program files/nsvtools/nsvcap.exe


Click file. Are ya with me?


Set your capture destination


1. Your Output will be your Shoutcast server.

2. Shoutcast server : (Input your server IP here. If its a local Shoutcast running on your OWN machine use for loopback)

3. Enter the password you changed and set up in your Shoutcast server here. Hope you remembered it. :p

4. Your headers for the server

The topline (black box in example) is your server password again.

Here is the rest of the icy commands...

content-type:video/nsv <--DONT CHANGE
icy-metadata:1 <--To advertise your URL in winamp browser??
icy-name:FUCT.CA - SukB - [#FUCT.CA in UNDERNET] <--Your station name
icy-genre:Fuct-TV <--Listed genre
icy-pub:1 <--Public Listed on Winamp Internet TV 0=NO 1=YES
icy-br:128 <--ESTIMATED bitrate
icy-url: <--Your homepage <--Your IRC channel
icy-icq:********** <--Your ICQ #
icy-reset:1 <--DONT CHANGE

OK Were done here! Click OK


Now choose your camera and sound device (be sure they are ON and PLUGGED in before starting anything... :p


Hit preview if you wanna see if your cam is being picked up and tweak the picture quality in the Video Capture Filter... Settings.

No need to touch the Pin... Settings at all.

NOTE: Preview should not be running when you start the stream if youre using a digital camcorder. (Some people have proba with this)


I know you want to, but dont hit start capture yet. Set your Frame Rate to 10 for starters. The trick is NOT to max out your CPU at 100% to keep a steady stream.

Use Frame time for your audio/video interleaving.

Open NSV... Config


For a LIVE webcam feed, turn the interleaving and resizing OFF. This requires less CPU and provides a better stream.

Hit Encoder Config...


Ok. Here we go...

1. Choose lame mp3 (included in the NSVTools) as your audio format.

2. Make it a CBR (Constant bitrate) and start at about 64k. This IS taxing on CPUs so stay low numbers for test purposes.

3. Choose VP3 3.1 for your Video format

4. Set this bitrate to 64 and your keyframe to 64 for starters. Again, keep low for test purposes. Just cuz you got DSL or Cable dont mean shit to eat the BW this app requires to encode and stream.

Hit OK OK. Dont touch nothin else.


Moment of truth. If your Shoutcast server is running and its ready for a connection (dont forget to CLOSE/RESTART it after you change the password) then hit Start Capture to start your cam capture and send it to your shoutcast server. If all goes well, you should appear on the list (if public) in about one minute. Refresh twice to be sure. Your shoutcast should appear something like this...

[source] listening for connection on port 8001
[source] connected from
[source] icy-name:FUCT.CA - SukB - [#FUCT.CA in UNDERNET] ; icy-genre:Fuct-TV
[source] icy-pub:1 ; icy-br:128 ; icy-url:
[source] icy-irc:N/A ; icy-icq:N/A ; icy-aim:N/A
[dest:] starting stream (UID: 0)[L: 1]{A: SHOUTcast Directory Tester}(P: 0)
[dest:] connection closed (0 seconds) (UID: 0)[L: 0]{Bytes: 8192}(P: 0)